LaFerrari vs the F40 and F50

The LaFerrari has begun showing up around the world and many people have been able to see it in the wild now. But as I write this I cannot shake the inevitable urge to compare to Ferrari’s other two super cars; the Ferrari F40 and F50.

isphoto.lvTo be honest, I have never been a big fan of the F50. But as a child I grew up with the F40 on my wall, so you could say that I am a little biased. I feel very hard for Enzo’s last, hand stamped Ferrari.

On a technology level, the LaFerrari is the undeniable king of the court. It’s hybrid power plant provides an insane amount of power, with all of the bells and whistles to support it. On the opposite side of the spectrum is my beloved F40. Simple, raw, and a connection between the driver and the car that neither the F50 or LaFerrari come close to.

OK, so I will admit, I’m not really writing a typical “car versus car” article. As impressive as the LaFerrari is, it is no where close to my favorite, and in my mind, falls behind the Pagani Huayra and the McLaren P1, in my “favorite new super car” dilemma.

In fact, I don’t think the LaFerrari came away with the wow factor that the Ferrari Enzo did, and still does. The Ferrari Enzo cast such an immense shadow over the car world that it still dominated the super car market up until this past year. It still demands crowds, excites children, and let’s be honest, looks a lot less like an insect than the LaFerrari.

So with my final words, let it be known that the F40 is still the ultimate Ferrari, the Enzo is a close second. The F50 and the LaFerrari are great cars, but they just don’t get me as excited as the first two. Long live the Ferrari F40.