Ferrari F355 Major Service Kits

For those that have bought a Ferrari 355 recently and are facing a major service in the near future, the thought of shelling out $5000 to $8000 at an independent shop or Ferrari dealer can be daunting. Ferrari 355 maintenance costs are often a reason people avoid purchasing one. For the brave and mechanically inclined, there is another option, Ferrari 355 Major Service kits.

F355 Major Service Kits355 major service kit

First, F355 Major Service Kits are not for everyone. In some circles, they are even talked about as being for no one and the service should only be handled by a professional. Well you’ll be glad to know that plenty of Ferrari 355 owners have successfully completed their own major service. It is not impossible. You will certainly need to be mechanically inclined and have a good working knowledge of systems and tools. If you have never wrenched on a car before, a Ferrari is not where you want to start. This is a process that normally takes over 30 hours of labor in a shop. Be prepared for this to take a month or more if you don’t plan on devoting several days of full-time work. That’s if it is a straightforward, no frills or extra options major service.

Where to Buy a Service Kit?

There are several places to buy a 355 Major Service Kit. A popular and highly regarded seller is Ricambi America. Ricambi has been providing quality parts and service to Ferrari enthusiasts for years. Their F355 Major Service Kit includes a mix of OEM and high quality aftermarket parts. Unlike many cheaper kits, their 30k Service Kit also includes the tensioner bearings. There are other kits available from other vendors like AW Italian and even on Ebay. Research the kits out and ensure they include everything you need. Consequently, 355 major service kits with lower prices use cheaper/older parts or a shorter list of parts in order to give the appearance of value.

355 Major Service Instructions

So the big question is where are the instructions for performing the service? There are several resources on the internet that provide some great detail, one of the biggest being the forum on Ferrari Chat. Many “F-Chatters” have completed their own service with help from fellow owners and experts. You will find plenty of information and reading to do there before turning the first wrench on your Ferrari F355. It is a very close community with many friendly and knowledgeable owners who are more than willing to provide help where needed.