Ferrari Art or Furniture?

Ferrari Art or Furniture?

To say that the owner of a Ferrari is proud of their vehicle is a given. To take that passion so far as to bring the car into your living room… well ok we’ve all thought about that to.

Ferrari furnitureJon Ryder of the United Kingdom took that thought and built it into reality by turning his garage into his living room. He can now eyeball his beautiful 355 Spider anytime he wants from the comfort of his own couch. When he wants to take his Ferrari for a spin he simply opens the door and cruises away.

Married Jon, a steel worker from Sheffield, said, “I’ve owned the Ferrari for more than three years and the novelty still hasn’t worn off. I still smile every day at owning my ultimate dream car. It’s my favorite piece of Italian art and it takes pride of place in the house.”

As soon as Jon moved into his new place he immediately started the plans of converting the empty space into a livable showcase for his Ferrari.

He said, “When we decided to move house last year I instantly saw the potential to convert it. The conversion took me about a month working single-handedly between my full-time job.”
Ferrari Living Room“I tried to keep everything to a reasonable budget since my wife did keep reminding me it is just a garage. She now admits it’s a very nice comfortable living room and garage!”

Joking about her Ferrari loving husband, Catherine, who works for the local council, said, “Jon always gets these mad ideas which I tend to think, ‘oh god, here we go again’. But they always seem to work out well in the end….. Sort of!”

Jon takes the 355 to events organized by where owners of other exotic cars meet up for a chat and a drive. Proceeds from these events go to charity, with one event in March raising £2,500 for the Bluebell Children’s Hospice in Sheffield.

So there you go folks, the passion for the Ferrari brand is unquestionable. Visit our facebook page and let us know of any other extraordinary Ferrari lovers that you know of!