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Ferrari F355 Major Service Kits

F355 Major Service Kit

For those that have bought a Ferrari 355 recently and are facing a major service in the near future, the thought of shelling out $5000 to $8000 at an independent shop or Ferrari dealer can be daunting. Ferrari 355 maintenance costs are often a reason people avoid purchasing one. For the brave and mechanically inclined, there …

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Ferrari F430 Buyers Guide

Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430 Buyers Guide If you are reading this, then you are probably somewhat familiar with the Ferrari F430. Unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in 2004, we were introduced to the 490 hp F430 Berlinetta. It carried over many of the same characteristics of the Ferrari 360 such as all-aluminum construction, mid-engine high-revving V8, …

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Ferrari Oil Change Costs

Ferrari Oil Change

Ferrari Oil Change Costs If you believe that it costs more to change the oil in a Ferrari than a Honda Civic, then you would be correct. Depending on your model and year of Japanese flavor, you are using about 3.5 to 4.5 quarts of oil per change. On the other side of the coin, the Ferrari …

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Ferrari 360 Guide to Maintenance Costs

Ferrari 360 Maintenance

Ferrari 360 Maintenance Costs The Ferrari 360 marked a new era for Ferrari with new Pininfarina body styling and an all aluminum chassis. It was also produced in significant numbers, with 8,800 Modenas (coupes) and 7,565 Spiders (convertibles) made during it’s production run from 1999 to 2005. The new 3.6 liter engine that generated 400 …

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Ferrari 348 vs the Ferrari F355

Ferrari 348 vs 355

The title says it all. For many people and owners, the debate between the Ferrari 348 and the F355 is one that burns brightly even today. Considering the 348 has not be made since 1995 and the F355 ended production in 1999, we are still having a hard time choosing from two vehicles that haven’t …

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Ferrari F430 Price Guide

Ferrari F430 Price

Prices for the Ferrari F430 have finally settled some. Of course with any Ferrari, the prices rise and fall according to season and market inventory. The F430 is no different and has steadily been declining as the Ferrari 458 begins to age some. So lets see where things are currently at, as of July 10, …

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LaFerrari vs the F40 and F50

The LaFerrari has begun showing up around the world and many people have been able to see it in the wild now. But as I write this I cannot shake the inevitable urge to compare to Ferrari’s other two super cars; the Ferrari F40 and F50. To be honest, I have never been a big …

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Ferrari 355 Maintenance Costs

Ferrari 355 Major Service Cost

Updated: August 8, 2016 The Real Cost of Maintaining a Ferrari 355 The Ferrari F355 has been a long and storied vehicle. When it was first introduced it had one of the strongest naturally aspirated motors in the world. Now that the first model years of the 355 are starting to come up on their …

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Saving Money at the Gas Pump

Gas Saving Tips

Buying Gas The Smart Way: Tips on Pumping Gas I’m not sure what everyone is paying for gasoline these days, but here in Florida it ranges from about $3.30 to & 4.00 per gallon at the time of writing this. While doing some reading I came across these tips from a Petroleum insider who has …

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Ferrari Art or Furniture?

Ferrari furniture

Ferrari Art or Furniture? To say that the owner of a Ferrari is proud of their vehicle is a given. To take that passion so far as to bring the car into your living room… well ok we’ve all thought about that to. Jon Ryder of the United Kingdom took that thought and built it …

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